The Question

The demand for our product originated within a cable assembly company which manufactured "Cable Assemblies" on customer specification. Because of the wide spectrum of connectors which was assembled, the solution for testing products was often worked with various cable runs or multimeters. And the verification of the correct operation of a cable was often a time-consuming task, which sometimes had to be carried out with several fitters.

The Solution

In 2015 our first prototype of the operating principle was put into use on the basis of a USB based system, which could show the result of a cable by means of simple lines. After this a considerable time reduction was made in production. With this test phase many wishes came to light which have been developed in our version 2.0 with the aim of a production model

In the basis, the concept had to be scalable. For this we chose to make the units IP-based. Of course, this should not be at the expense of user convenience, so all our units have been passed on a self broadcasting principle.

The use of different units gives us the possibility to run different versions and different connectors per version. Of course we can not stay behind with our system support in 2019. The cablescope has to be available on all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

With our cablescope you build your own cable tester according to your specific wishes, with your own pinout configurations. We also offer you the opportunity to expand in the future.

For the currently available products see our product page.